Glimmer Candle Warmer Casablanca


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Use our Casablanca Glimmer Candle Warmer to melt scented wax tarts without using an open flame. Instead of using a normal light bulb to heat the wax, these use a flickering LED which looks like a real candle is heating the wax. Since LED lights create virtually no heat, the warming dish actually sits on a hot plate which melts the wax tarts. With this tart burner, you have the benefit of a flame free candle warmer, no replacement bubs to purchase, and a beautiful flickering glow. The ceramic dish is removable making it easy to clean. Within a short amount of time, the scented wax melts will begin to liquefy, releasing their scent into the room and freshening your home. Product Specs:Power: 3 ft cord with 2 prong plug NO bulb to replace Switch: inline on power cord Flickering LED light Size: 4.5 in. diameter x 6.5 in. tall Sold: individually